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Isis, Apophis, Osiris (IAO) and the Information Awareness Office (IAO)

Freakish and frightening though it was, what is now called the Terrorist Information Awareness system, first made its debue dubed as the Total Information Awareness system that was to be headed by the Information Awareness Office, IAO, the acronym used by Crowleyites of the Freemasonic fringe, occult secret society, which acronym (IAO) refers to their god, as symbolized by the All-Seeing Eye of Freemasonry. One website, among others, that recorded this fact: The Memory Hole December, 2002 Information Awareness Office Website Deletes Its Logo The disappeared logo The government's Information Awareness Office--you know, the Defense agency that's running the Total Information Awareness Program, the huge database that will track everything about everyone in the US and beyond, helmed by convicted felon John Poindexter--keeps getting more shy. First, the IAO took down the biographies of its senior staff. (The Memory Hole has mirrored them here.) Now, the IAO has removed its eye-death-ray logo, which was denounced far and wide as being Orwellian, Masonic, and just plain creepy as hell. Above, we've archived the logo's large version. Below, we've archived the IAO's banner, which used to incorporate the logo but is now quite plain. (The banner also used to contain the IAO's slogan, "Scienta est potentia," which is Latin for, "Knowledge is power.") To fondly recall how the logo and banner used to look in context, follow these links: The original TIA page (with logo-banner) The current TIA page (with plain banner) Thanks to Morgan Woodson for alerting me. 18 Dec 2002 copyright 2002 Russ Kick