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  Subtitle:  Rarely  does  a  sitting  president  offer such a
  direct, revealing look into his true, inner soul!  The  logo
  of  the "Information Awareness Office", which is about to be
  rolled over into the Homeland Security Agency,  demonstrates
  the   true   Illuminist   spirit   and   goal  of  the  Bush
  Administration. No truly Born  Again  president  would  ever
  allow  such  a obviously occult image in his administration!


  The New World Order is  coming!  Are  you  ready?  Once  you
  understand  what  this New World Order really is, and how it
  is being gradually implemented, you will be able to  see  it
  progressing in your daily news!!

  Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

  Stand  by  for  insights so startling you will never look at
  the news the same way again.



  NEWS BRIEF: "You Are a Suspect", by William Safare, The  New
  York Times, November 14, 2002.

  "WASHINGTON    If  the Homeland Security Act is not amended
  before passage, here is what will happen to you:

  "Every purchase you make with a credit card, every  magazine
  subscription  you  buy  and  medical  prescription you fill,
  every Web site you visit and e-mail  you  send  or  receive,
  every  academic  grade  you  receive, every bank deposit you
  make, every trip you book and every event you attend    all
  these  transactions and communications will go into what the
  Defense Department  describes  as  'a  virtual,  centralized
  grand database'.

  "To  this  computerized  dossier  on  your private life from
  commercial sources, add  every  piece  of  information  that
  government  has  about  you  passport application, driver's
  license  and  bridge  toll  records,  judicial  and  divorce
  records,  complaints from nosy neighbors to the F.B.I., your
  lifetime  paper  trail  plus  the   latest   hidden   camera
  surveillance  and you have the supersnoop's dream: a "Total
  Information Awareness" about every U.S. citizen.

  "This is not some far-out Orwellian  scenario.  It  is  what
  will  happen  to your personal freedom in the next few weeks
  if John Poindexter gets the unprecedented power he seeks."

  When I wrote the Cutting Edge analysis of the Election, 2002
  [NEWS1734],  I  reported  the  historic  fact  that American
  Presidents do not go to  war  unless  they  have  a  unified
  people behind them. Events of the past months since the 9/11
  attacks have given George W. Bush  the  type  of  popularity
  ratings  usually  reserved  for  wartime presidents. In this
  election just past, President Bush was able to  parlay  that
  popularity  into  an  election  landslide for his Republican

  Then, I noted that, immediately after the election, Mr. Bush
  had  strongly  "recommended"  that  his  draconian  Homeland
  Security Department be passed by Congress, even  before  the
  new Congress convenes in January; Senator Lott said he would
  try to accommodate. I warned that Homeland Security  is  the
  administrative  arm  that  will begin enforcing the terrible
  new dictatorial laws of the Patriot Act and other subsequent
  and  related  laws.  Without an administrative agency, these
  Stalin-like laws could never be enacted.  This  agency  also
  eliminates the normal system of checks and balances that has
  protected our liberties for over 200 years.

  The House of Representatives has just  passed  the  Homeland
  Security  Bill  and  has  sent it to the Senate, where it is
  likely to be passed. At that point, America  will  have  her
  version  of  the  Gestapo,  and  the  stage will begin to be
  rapidly set for the domestic portion of the  World  War  III
  scenario  to be enacted. Mr. Safire has just told us of some
  of the activities and information our government  will  soon
  possess  on every individual. People who do not know history
  and/or prophecy might miss the total  threat  posed  by  our
  government knowing so much about individual citizens, so let
  us quickly inform you.

  * History  records  that  our  Founding  Fathers  considered
  individual  privacy  and  anonymity  to  be  one of the very
  important aspects of creating and maintaining our  freedoms.
  When  a government is able to keep track of large numbers of
  its citizens at any one time,  individual  freedoms  of  the
  entire population are at risk. Conversely, when a government
  becomes dictatorial, one of the first actions it takes is to
  establish  a large Secret Police, whose responsibility is to
  keep track of enough individual citizens that it can  become
  aware   of  any  and  all  dissidents.  In  a  dictatorship,
  information is king, and is used to repress  and  intimidate
  the  people.  Thus,  our  Founding Fathers created laws that
  protected our right of association and shielded us from  the
  prying eyes of government.

  * The Bible prophesies that, at the End of the Age, God will
  allow  Antichrist  to   establish   the   most   effectively
  dictatorial   government   in  all  of  world  history.  How
  repressive will that government be,  and  how  far  will  it
  reach  through  the  entire  strata  of  society -- from the
  lowest to the highest, from  the  poorest  to  the  richest?
  Listen to the prophecy:

  "And  he  causeth  all, both small and great, rich and poor,
  free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or  in
  their  foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he
  that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or  the  number
  of his name." [Revelation 13:16-17]

  Thus, at the very time that all prophecies are maturing as a
  group, just as Jesus said would happen when the world really
  and  truly approached the End of the Age [Matthew 24:33], we
  see a Gestapo-like domestic organization being created  that
  would roll 22 different agencies together into one monstrous
  administrative  agency,   an   agency   that   could   begin
  implementing the laws passed since the attacks of 9/11.

  Let us return now to William Safire, for more revelations:

  "Remember  Poindexter?  Brilliant man, first in his class at
  the Naval Academy, later earned a doctorate in physics, rose
  to  national security adviser under President Ronald Reagan.
  He had this brilliant idea of secretly selling  missiles  to
  Iran  to  pay  ransom  for  hostages,  and  with the illicit
  proceeds to illegally support contras in Nicaragua.  A  jury
  convicted  Poindexter  in  1990  on  five  felony  counts of
  misleading Congress and  making  false  statements,  but  an
  appeals  court  overturned  the verdict because Congress had
  given him immunity for his testimony. He famously  asserted,
  'The  buck  stops here,' arguing that the White House staff,
  and not the president, was responsible for fateful decisions
  that might prove embarrassing."

  John  Poindexter  is  the  main  man  who defended President
  Reagan before a Congress seemingly ready to get  information
  by  which  they  could  impeach  him.  Poindexter is one the
  Illuminist insiders who has continued to quietly work behind
  the  scenes,  preparing  the way for the final stage whereby
  America could lead the world into the New World Order,  also
  known as the Kingdom of Antichrist.

  Listen to Safire continue:

  "This  ring-knocking  master  of deceit is back again with a
  plan even more scandalous than  Iran-contra.  He  heads  the
  'Information  Awareness  Office'  in the otherwise excellent
  Defense  Advanced  Research  Projects  Agency,  [D.A.R.P.A.]
  which  spawned the Internet and stealth aircraft technology.
  Poindexter is now realizing his 20-year dream:  getting  the
  'data-mining' power to snoop on every public and private act
  of every American." [Emphasis added]

  We  learn  here  that  Poindexter  is  the   head   of   the
  "Information  Awareness  Office",  abbreviated  as "I.A.O.".
  Remember this acronym, for it will have  great  significance
  later in this article. Now, back to Safire:

  "Even  the  hastily passed U.S.A. Patriot Act, which widened
  the scope of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance  Act  and
  weakened  15  privacy  laws,  raised  requirements  for  the
  government to report secret eavesdropping  to  Congress  and
  the  courts.  But Poindexter's assault on individual privacy
  rides roughshod over such oversight.  He  is  determined  to
  break  down  the wall between commercial snooping and secret
  government intrusion. The disgraced admiral  dismisses  such
  necessary differentiation as bureaucratic 'stovepiping.' And
  he has been given a $200 million budget to  create  computer
  dossiers on 300 million Americans."

  Who  has  given  Poindexter so much money to create computer
  dossiers on the entire adult population of  Americans?  Why,
  President George W. Bush, the very "Conservative" Republican
  who has rhetorically defended  the  privacy  rights  of  all
  Americans!  Once again, we belatedly realize that Illuminist
  politicians  know  the  reality  that  people  do  not   pay
  attention  to  deeds,  but  only remember rhetoric. In fact,
  once most people hear the false rhetoric, they then allow  a
  false  image of the politician to build up in their minds so
  that the politician can continue to take actions  absolutely
  opposite his rhetoric, knowing that he is being protected by
  the false image residing in the minds of the people.

  William Safire then continues:

  "This time, however, he has been seizing power in  the  open
  ...  The  Latin  motto over Poindexter"s new Pentagon office
  reads  "Scientia  Est  Potentia"    "knowledge  is  power."
  Exactly:  the  government's  infinite knowledge about you is
  its power over you."

  Words this true are rarely spoken. A  government  possessing
  this  type  of  massive  information,  backed  by  the  most
  sophisticated  computer  technology  in  history,  can  also
  easily  frame  the very citizens they want to arrest. Rather
  than using the clumsy method of planting the evidence  in  a
  victim's  car,  house,  or  person,  the  government can now
  create  false  information   electronically,   causing   the
  computer record to brim with the falsely planted -- and very
  incriminating -- information!

  The  more  information  the  government  amasses  about  its
  citizens,  the  more likely it is to repress those citizens.
  This is a fact of history, as  we  have  already  recounted,
  above.  However, it is now time to examine the official logo
  of Poindexter's "Information  Awareness  Office  --  I.A.O."
  Rarely  has  a president so clearly and openly trumpeted his
  inner heart and his ultimate goals as has Bush  by  allowing
  this symbol to be used and promoted in his administration.

  DARPA's IAO logo with All-Seeing Eye

  Let us now study this terribly occult symbol thoroughly.

  First,  you  can  see  that this symbol is a circle, with an
  outer border in  which  the  words,  "Information  Awareness
  Office"  is  printed.  This  is the office being run by John
  Poindexter that will soon  be  part  of  the  22  government
  agencies  that are to be combined into the Homeland Security
  Department. Within the circle are two major symbols: 1)  The
  All-Seeing   Eye   of   Horus  (Lucifer)  hovering  over  an
  unfinished pyramid of 13 layers of stones; this is the  same
  symbol  within the circle on the back of the U.S. One Dollar
  Bill that "Announces The Birth of" (Annuit Coeptus) the "New
  World  Order" {Novus Ordo Seclorum). 2) A globe as you would
  see it if you were in outer space.

  Secondly, please look at the tremendous differences  between
  light  and  darkness  within  the  middle  of  this  circle.
  Tremendous light is shining from behind the  All-Seeing  Eye
  of  Lucifer.  Further, this light is showing as "out-raying"
  throughout the space in which our earth is spinning. As  you
  move  away  from the light of Lucifer in all directions, the
  light steadily diminishes until it reaches a most dark state
  on the edges opposite and away from the Eye.

  Thirdly, even though the light from Lucifer's Eye is shining
  on the back side  of  the  globe,  it  is  highlighting  one
  particular area of the world: the Middle East, India, China,
  and Russia. In other  words,  the  light  from  the  Eye  is
  highlighting the very area of the world which the Bible says
  will be the focus of events  as  mankind  spins  toward  the
  appearance  of  Antichrist  and the subsequent events of the
  7-Year Tribulation Period!

  Fourthly, the emphasis of  this  symbol  is  on  the  entire
  world,  instead  of  the United States! In other words, even
  though John Poindexter's office  of  "Information  Awareness
  Office"  --  I.A.O.  --  is  supposedly  an  American office
  charged with gathering detailed  information  on  Americans,
  the focus of this symbol is on the world, and upon Lucifer's
  watchfulness over the entire world!

  What can this anomaly mean? I believe  it  means  that  John
  Poindexter,  the  Homeland Security Department, and the Bush
  Administration,  are  all  avowedly   serving   the   global
  interests  of  the  Illuminati!  This  symbolism  is  purely
  Illuminist , just as is our symbol on the left-hand side  of
  our  One  Dollar  Bill.  Bush's efforts to "fight terror" on
  American  soil  is  symbolized  here   as   serving   global
  Illuminism. Never forget this fact. Every single action Bush
  and his officials take is on behalf  of  global  Illuminism,
  and  is  designed  to  further  the final goal, which is the
  successful staging of Antichrist.

  Fifthly, this symbol differs from the All-Seeing Eye on  the
  back  of  our One Dollar Bill in the degree to which the the
  light is shining away from the  Eye.  On  the  back  of  our
  dollar  bill, the light is confined in a rather tight circle
  surrounding the Eye; it is not shown out-raying to the  rest
  of  the  world.  However, the light emanating throughout the
  entire world  from  this  All-Seeing  Eye  is  shown  to  be
  dramatically   illuminating   the   entire   world.  What  a

  What could this difference in symbolism mean? It could  mean
  that  the  Antichrist  is about to arise, to shine Lucifer's
  spiritual "light" throughout the world. With so  many  other
  events  seemingly setting the stage for Antichrist to arise,
  this dramatic out-raying of Lucifer's  light  from  his  Eye
  seems greatly portentous.

  Let  us  quickly  review  the meaning behind this unfinished
  pyramid on our  One  Dollar  Bill,  taken  from  Seminar  2,
  "America's  Leadership  of  the  New  World Order". Once you
  understand the meaning behind the symbol on our  money,  you
  can better understand the significance of current events.

  * The Pyramid represents the past. Note that the capstone of
  this pyramid is not in place, thus  denoting  an  unfinished
  situation.  This  unfinished situation was planned to remain
  in effect until  the  Old  World  Order  was  destroyed  and
  replaced with The New World Order.

  * Annuit Coeptis - "Announcing The Birth"

  * Novus Ordor Seclorum - "New World Order"

  *  Capstone - Eye of Horus [Theocracy of Egyptian Mysticism]
  = Eye of Satan or Lucifer

  * MDCCLXXVI on the bottom layer of stones  =  1776  [May  1,
  Beltaine,  Second High-Holy Day of the Year] On May 1, 1776,
  a  New  World  Order  was  born  when  the  Masters  of  the
  Illuminati was founded, whose foundation would be built upon
  depravity and rebellion. Its leader would be Satan.

  * Thirteen Layers to the Pyramid = The number, '13'  is  the
  occult  number  of  Depravity  and  Rebellion.  We have seen
  several instances in the past few weeks in which the number,
  '13' was displayed, have we not?

  (1)  The  Beltway Sniper fired exactly 13 shots, the pattern
  of which formed a ritual pentagram on the ground

  (2) Saddam  Hussein  replied  affirmatively  to  the  United
  Nations  resolution  demands two days early, on November 13.
  This date is also 13 days after Halloween -- October  31  --
  the  highest and most powerful of Satanic Sabbats, and a day
  which forms another '13', since Satanists regularly  reverse
  this number, '31', to get their beloved occult number.

  Notice  also that the day on which Saddam gave his answer --
  11/13 -- also contains an '11'.

  It is also highly  interesting  that  the  U.N.  passed  the
  resolution  on Friday, November 8, giving President Bush the
  60 days he needed to finish war  preparations  against  Iraq
  [NEWS1735].  In  the occult, the number '8' is the number of
  "new beginnings". [Seminar 2, "America Determines  The  Flow
  of History"]

  (3)  When  you  count  the letters in "Information Awareness
  Office", you will get exactly 26 letters (13 x 2)


  The acronym formed by the Information  Awareness  Office  --
  I.A.O.  --  is  the  very name of the Sun God, Bel, or Baal!

  "In the pagan religion of Hinduism, we also see a  'trinity'
  of three gods -- Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver;
  and Shiva, the destroyer. (Freemason author) Waite explains:
  'Siva  [or  Shiva] is the Babylonian Bel, identical with the
  Sun-God, I.A.O.' " ["Hidden Secrets of Masonry, by Dr. Cathy
  Burns, p. 29]

  Therefore,  the  acronym  formed  by  the  name of this Bush
  Administration  office  is  the  old,  pagan  name  for  the
  Sun-God!  Is  it any wonder, then, that the Sun and its rays
  are so dramatically "out-raying" from this All-Seeing Eye of
  Lucifer  on  this  I.A.O.  symbol? You know, Illuminist John
  Poindexter could have come up with any name relating to  the
  collection  of  information on American citizens; he did not
  need to come up with a name whose acronym equals the hidden,
  secret  name  of  the  Satanic  god,  Baal.  God cursed Baal
  mightily in  the  Old  Testament  and  brought  Israel  into
  destructive  physical  judgment.  Baal is one of the primary
  gods of the Babylonian pantheon of gods; therefore,  we  see
  yet another instance in which America is revived Babylon.

  Let  us  now go to other occult authors to see how important
  "I.A.O." is to the Satanist:

  " I.A.O., representing  God  in  his  3-fold  character  as
  Wisdom,  Strength, and Beauty or Perfection. The letter 'I',
  or rather, an erect - upstanding pillar - creative; denoting
  the   wisdom   and   strength   that  stands  alone  and  is
  self-existing. The letter 'A', is a pyramid or  mountain  of
  strength. The 'O' is the serpent with its tail in its mouth,
  the emblem of beauty, wisdom, vitality, and eternity.

  "I.A.O.", is the root of all the names of God,  of  all  the
  nations of ancient times."

  [p.  137,  "The  Mysteries  of  Osiris  or  Ancient Egyptian
  Initiation", by Reverend Doctor  R.  Swinburne  Clymer,  The
  Philosophical  Publishing  Company,  1951  Revised  Edition;
  Note: Clymer is a Masonic and Rosicrucian author]

  "(Occult  author)  "Movers  gives  a   definition   of   the
  Phoenician  idea  of  the  ideal  sunlight  as  a  spiritual
  influence issuing from the highest God, I.A.O.,  (the  light
  conceivable  only  by intellect - the physical and spiritual
  Principle of all things; out of which the soul emanates."

  ("Isis Unveiled", Madame H.P. Blavatsky, Volume  1,  p.  61,
  1877 copyright)

  "The final analysis of the key word sums up the formula with
  the initials, 'I'sis,  'A'pophis,  'O'siris  =  I.A.O.,  the
  supreme  God of the Gnostics  Since the Sun is the giver of
  life and light, the formula  must  refer  to  light  as  the
  redeemer. The order was predicated on the age-old process of
  bringing light to the natural man. In other words, it taught
  a  cycle-spiritual  technique  leading  to  illumination, to
  enlightenment." ["The Golden Dawn", Israel  Regardie,  1987,
  p. 12]

  Take  note of one phrase in this last definition of "I.A.O."
  -- "Since the Sun is  the  giver  of  life  and  light,  the
  formula  must  refer  to  light as the redeemer." The entire
  Illuminati Plan is geared toward the supreme goal of staging
  their   Masonic   Christ,  the  Biblical  Antichrist.  These
  Illuminists refer to their Christ as their  "Redeemer",  the
  counterfeit   redeemer   of   which   the  Bible  speaks  so
  eloquently. Therefore, this symbol speaks eloquently of  the
  coming Antichrist!

  We  quoted  Masonic author, Clymer, above, where he said the
  "O" in "I.A.O." "represents the serpent with its tail in its
  mouth", a symbol also called the "Ouroboros". Clymer defined
  the Ouroboros, above, saying it was "the emblem  of  beauty,
  wisdom,  vitality,  and  eternity". However, there is a much
  deeper occult meaning to this Ouroboros with the little boy.

  "This  snake, sometimes called the Ouroboros, is a symbol of
  Time, from which alone Wisdom springs. The  snake  encircles
  the two symbols of the extremes of created life -- the child
  and the death-symbol of the skull. Between them,  the  child
  and  the  skull are intended to symbolize the 'beginning and
  the end'." ["Magic Symbols", by Frederick Goodman, p. 24]

  Did Jesus not refer to Himself as  "the  beginning  and  the
  end"? Listen:

  "I   am  Alpha  and  Omega,  the  beginning  and  the  end."
  [Revelation 21:6]

  "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the  first
  and the last." [Revelation 22:13]

  Once  again, we come face-to-face with the counterfeit Jesus
  Christ,  do  we  not?  This  counterfeit  Jesus  Christ   --
  Antichrist -- will make every claim about himself that Jesus
  made, including this one.

  Does this symbol contain an "ouroboros",  the  snake  eating
  its  tail?  I believe it does. Notice that the outer part of
  the circle is black, except over by the word, "information".
  If  you  look  closely, you will see that the pure black has
  given way to a lighter gray. Further, between  the  "M"  and
  the  "A"  looks  like  a  coupling together of two ends of a
  pipe. This is symbolic of the snake eating its  tail,  where
  the  mouth  of the snake goes over and encompasses its tail;
  here,  the  larger  part  of  a  tube  in  going  over   and
  encompassing  a  smaller  end.  This  is an ouroboros within
  actually depicting a snake, an important consideration  when
  you  want  to  hide  your  true  intentions to the public. A
  clearly drawn snake would have  been  spotted  too  readily.
  [NOTE:  You  may  have to print this symbol so it covers the
  entire page, as I did; once you enlarge the symbol  in  this
  manner, you can see this detail]


  This  symbol  is  the official seal of a Bush Administration
  agency. If Bush  were  truly  a  Christian,  he  would  have
  ordered  the  removal  of  this  symbol  a long time ago. He
  certainly would not allow this symbol to be carried  forward
  into  his  new superagency, Homeland Security. As we said at
  the top of this article, this symbol offers a  rare  glimpse
  into the heart and soul of this administration.

  This symbol also tells us volumes about the ultimate goal of
  the Bush Administration.

  Finally, this symbol shows us that the light of  Lucifer  is
  getting  stronger  in  the  world, and may be about to shine
  forth in  its  prophetic  fluffiness!  Of  course,  this  is
  exactly the time in world history we believe we are in right
  now, with the events of Iraq, the entire Middle East, Korea,
  and  Taiwan planned to explode in the World War III designed
  to stage Antichrist. We  believe  we  are  on  the  cusp  of
  Antichrist  arising,  coming  out  of  the smoke, death, and
  destruction of the world war planned since 1870 [NEWS1056].

  Jesus calls this war the "final birth pangs" [Matthew  24:8]
  We believe we may be approaching this terrible "birth"; and,
  this symbol seems to be trumpeting the news!

  Are  you  spiritually  ready?  Is  your  family?   Are   you
  adequately  protecting  your  loved ones? This is the reason
  for this ministry, to enable you  to  first  understand  the
  peril  facing  you,  and then help you develop strategies to
  warn and  protect  your  loved  ones.  Once  you  have  been
  thoroughly  trained,  you  can  also use your knowledge as a
  means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person.
  I  have been able to use it many times, and have seen people
  come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous  times  are
  also  a  time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ,
  making an eternal difference.

  If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your  personal  Savior,
  but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him,
  you need to immediately ask  Him  for  forgiveness  and  for
  renewal.  He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart
  with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to  begin  a
  daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

  If  you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have
  come to realize His reality and the approaching End  of  the
  Age,  and  want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you
  can also do so now, in the privacy of your  home.  Once  you
  accept  Him  as  Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and
  are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then,
  you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not
  touch you spiritually.

  If you  would  like  to  become  Born  Again,  turn  to  our
  Salvation Page now.

  We  hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks
  to educate and warn people, so that they can see the  coming
  New  World  Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily

  Finally, we would love to hear from you.

  You can contact us by mail or email.

  God bless you.