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  Alex Jones
  August 07, 2003


  DARPA, the shadowy government agency  attempted  the  public
  launch  of what can only be described as a running-man style
  betting  parlor  where  private  individuals  and  companies
  profit  by  correctly predicting where terrorism will occur.
  DARPA  is  the  same  agency  that   announced   the   Total
  Information  Awareness  Network (TIA) in 2002, a big brother
  network using the Pentagon integrated with local  police  to
  spy on the activities of all Americans.


  Both  DARPA  programs use the new world order pyramid symbol
  in their logos. The pyramid logo for the  Total  Information
  Awareness  Network  is  even  complete with the image of the
  all-seeing eye of Lucifer radiating the earth.

  The Department  of  Defense  announced  that  their  futures
  market  casino  would  be  named  the Policy Analysis Market
  (PAM). PAM removed  the  content  of  its  website  after  a
  massive  public  backlash. The market allowed individuals to
  log into the government system with a secret code similar to
  a  Swiss  bank account number and place bets on what US city
  would be nuked by North Korea in the next year, what  Middle
  Eastern  leader  would be assassinated or how many US troops
  would die in Iraq.

  Senator  Byron  Dorgan  D-ND  called   the   plan   useless,
  offensive,  and  "unbelievably  stupid."  He went on to say,
  "can you imagine if another country set up a betting  parlor
  so  that  people could go in…and bet on the assassination of
  an American political  figure,  or  the  overthrow  of  this
  institution or that institution?"

  Within  48 hours of the plan being announced, the scheme was
  canceled,  the  website  was  taken  off-line  and   Admiral
  Poindexter,  the  five-time  convicted  felon, was forced to
  resign. For many there was a collective sigh of relief.  The
  truth  is  that  Admiral  Poindexter  is nothing more than a
  minion of a wicked system and his ouster only  serves  as  a
  public  relations ploy to make the population think, "Oh, it
  was Poindexter who had all of those Big Brother  ideas,  not
  the government. We can all go back to sleep now…"


  Shortly   after   Congress   funded  the  Total  Information
  Awareness Network, they still needed to claim that they  had
  voted  it  down. Two weeks after announcing that the program
  had been de-funded (which wasn't true), the Associated Press
  ran   the   headline,  "US  May  Adopt  Florida  Anti-Terror
  Database."   It   just    so    happens    that    Florida's
  anti-terror/crime  system  was  designed  by  DARPA  and, in
  truth,  is  nothing   more   than   an   already   operating
  subdirectorate  of the Pentagon. It turns out that dozens of
  other States already have the same system in place. And  the
  best  part  is  the  name  of  the  program,  which the Feds
  designed,  which  they  are  now  claiming  that  they  just
  stumbled upon and are now adopting. It's called the matrix.


  In  truth,  the  matrix  was set up decades ago as the local
  data collection point for the  NSA's  Echelon  system.  They
  have  been  taking  all  of your personal data for years and
  uploading it to Fort Meade.  Divorce  records,  credit  card
  purchases,  phone  bills,  gun  records, where you work, you
  name it public and private they greedily grab it.  You  see,
  they  built  this control grid a long time ago. They're just
  announcing it to you now.

  In 1998 the Austin-American Statesman  reported  that  DARPA
  had  paid  to  have  the  State  and City put in hundreds on
  face-scanning cameras  and  microphones  in  Austin,  Texas.  has  posted hundreds of articles over the last
  six  years  where  DARPA  and  the  Defense  Department  are
  involved   in   mandating  that  the  States  adopt  uniform
  biometrics on state licenses  and  ID  cards,  RFID  tracker
  chips  to  replace  the bar-code, and cameras that recognize
  individuals by their faces, walk, vehicle  type  or  license
  plate number.

  Long  before  the September 11th attacks, DARPA was building
  the architecture of a cashless society control  grid.  After
  September  11th  when  citizens  complained  about the Total
  Information Awareness network plans  to  spy  on  them,  the
  continuity  government  agency claimed that it de-funded the
  program. The truth is, DARPA  simply  changed  the  name  to
  Terrorism  Information  Awareness  and got increased funding
  from Congress through dozens of other sub-agency projects.


  Let's take a closer look at  what  DARPA's  Policy  Analysis
  Market or gambling system really does:

  1.  It  trains  the American people that betting on death is
  okay, even patriotic. This is exactly what  the  Romans  did
  over  1900  years  ago  as they bet on which gladiator would
  survive or how long a Christian would live when thrown  into
  a pit of lions.

  All  of  this is very similar to the movie, The Running Man,
  where the bloodthirsty  masses  are  kept  in  line  with  a
  twisted  and sadistic game show wherein enemies of the state
  fight for their lives.

  2. Most importantly it legitimizes insider trading and  sets
  the  precedent  that  the  government not only regulates but
  owns futures  markets.  Insider  trading  is  where  someone
  inside  a  system  who has proprietary information uses that
  information to profit at others' loss. So what  is  it  when
  the  Pentagon runs a futures market that bets on the outcome
  of the hundred year war that has been announced by President
  Bush? By its very definition it is insider trading.

  3.  The  establishment  elites  love to hide their crimes in
  plain view and that is exactly what this futures market  is.
  You  see,  the globalists got caught doing the same thing on
  September 11th.  Between  September  5  and  September  10th
  record put options, a highly risky form of speculation where
  you bet against a stock, were purchased against  United  and
  Delta  airlines  stock.  The  levels of put options were the
  highest ever recorded. In the first few days after September
  11th  the  media  said that they would be able to figure out
  who carried out the attacks by tracing who placed these puts
  in  the futures market. When the bets led back to the former
  Deputy Director of the CIA, Buzzy Kronguard,  the  FBI,  and
  Fortune 500 companies, the story was immediately shut down.

  With  an official Pentagon futures market where you can only
  bet on  attacks,  this  legitimizes  what  has  always  been
  extremely illegal. Of course it also allows terrorists (i.e.
  the government) to know where the next terrorist attack will
  be,  to  place  bets  on it and to profit in the billions of
  dollars from tragedies and crimes they commit.


  Surveys show that on US college campuses  over  70%  of  all
  science  funding  comes  directly  from  DARPA. DARPA is the
  successor to ARPA, a federal bureaucracy created in 1958  to
  push  forward  scientific  research  with potential military
  applications. I find it interesting that  in  1960  outgoing
  President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the dangerous undue
  influence that the military-industrial complex was having in
  America's   infrastructure,   and   especially   on  college

  There are thousands of facets to this nightmare agency,  but
  there  are  several more that we will look at today. One was
  reported on in the August 5, 2003 Boston  Globe.  The  paper
  ran  the headline, "Defense Department funding brain-machine
  work." The project is developing technology  that  "promises
  to  directly  read  thoughts  from a living brain - and even
  instill thoughts as well." It does not take much imagination
  to  see  in  this  the  makings  of a "matrix-like cyberpunk
  dystopia: chips that impose false  memories,  machines  that
  scan  for wayward thoughts, cognitively augmented government
  security  forces  that  impose  a  ruthless   order   on   a
  recalcitrant population."

  The  technology  has already been installed in five airports
  in the US. CBS news reported on the high-powered MRI systems
  that scan travelers' brains as they walk through the airport
  checkpoint at Boston Logan. The technicians are  trained  to
  determine  what aggressive thought patterns look like and to
  single out passengers for questioning.  They  are  then  put
  under another brain scanner that supposedly detects lies and
  are asked questions. This gives  new  meaning  to  the  term
  "thought crime."

  DARPA  was  also  instrumental  in  developing machines that
  pierce your clothes and give crystal-clear  images  of  your
  naked  body.  For  eight years we have seen mainstream media
  reports cover this technology and  the  FCC's  approval  for
  police  helicopters  to have DARPA-funded ground penetrating
  radar mounted on them to surveil US cities.

  While newer  systems  of  ground  penetrating  radar  remain
  classified,  the  older  systems  have  been demonstrated on
  national television so we can all appreciate our  new  slave
  status. Viewers are treated to a black and white x-ray style
  view of people walking around  in  their  homes.  What  ever
  happened  to the Fourth Amendment barring search and seizure
  and the invasion of privacy without a warrant?

  DARPA is also getting Congressional approval for a fleet  of
  drones   fitted   with  similar  scanning  systems  to  feed
  streaming data 24 hours a day back to the FEMA continuity of
  government bunkers.


  And  finally,  on  DARPA's  own  website,  they  promote the
  "Centibots."  These  tiny  5-pound  robots  have  their  own
  artificial   intelligence  and  hunt  fugitives  or  provide
  surveillance and security for government  agencies  in  wolf
  packs  of  twenty. They are identical in many aspects to the
  police spiders in Minority Report.

  Despite DARPA's incredible size and influence over our every
  day  lives  and its stated desire to micromanage and control
  every human on earth, the average American has no idea  that
  it  even exists. Spread the word: DARPA is the enemy of free
  people everywhere and must be exposed if were are to  defeat
  this tyranny that is the new world order.

  Copyright 2003 Alex Jones/


   "Does  the Brotherhood exist?"  "That Winston, you will never
    know. If we choose to set you free  when  we  have  finished   
    with  you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you
    will never learn whether the answer to that question is  yes
    or  no.  As  long  as  you live, it will be a riddle in your
    mind." -- 1984 by George Orwell