@ECHO OFF REM Config settings for IMGTABLE.BAT; these settings customize REM any image tables generated in the current folder: :************************************************************** :********************* Web Page Settings ********************** :************************************************************** REM this will set the height in pixels of each image shown in each cell SET Height=300 REM this will set the width in pixels of each image in each cell SET Width=300 REM set the cell padding: SET tPad=4 REM set the cell spacing: SET tSpc=4 REM set the table border width in pixels: SET tBdr=4 REM set the background color of the table: SET tBckCol=#FF0000 REM set the background color of the page: SET BackCol=#333333 REM set the foreground color of the page: SET Text=#FFFFFF REM set page's link color: SET Link=#000000 REM set page's visited link color: SET aLink=#000000 REM set page's active link color: SET vLink=#ff0000 REM set table alignment (LEFT CENTER RIGHT): SET Align=CENTER REM set variable to tell browser where to draw rules within the table: : (rules=all cols groups none rows) SET rules=all REM set where to draw borders arond the table: : (frame=void|above|below|hsides| hs|rhs vsides|box|border) SET frame=box REM this will determine whether pictures should be linked to REM larger ones; that is, if the picture shown is clicked, REM will a larger version of it be displayed: : (Y|N) SET Lnk2=Y REM specify whether the file's name is shown in each cell: REM Y/N SET name=N REM specify a graphics file to use as the background tile of REM webpage; use the full pathname, unless the graphic is in REM the working folder, no quotations. Set to nothing if you REM don't want any wallpaper. Note: this is the background REM tile for the page the table is on, not the table itself. SET Tile= REM specify whether file names shown (if so specified) will REM be truncated if they exceed nn characters; this may be REM necessary so that all pictures will be viewable without REM scrolling right. For example, SET Chop=14 REM would truncate any file name exceeding 14 characters at REM the 14th character with three dots appended to indicate REM that the full file name is not shown. SET Chop=4 REM specify the font to use for any textual output that you REM may have specified elsehwere, such as the file names: SET zFont=courier REM specify the font size. The previous setting zFont tells REM the program what typeface to use; this one tells it what REM text size (1 to 6) to use with the FONT tag: SET sFont=4 REM Indicate the table's caption, if any; the CAPTION tag is REM used place the specified text as the description for the REM table: SET tCap=Nicholas_Owen_Society REM Set the ALIGN attribute for the CAPTION tag, where LEFT, REM RIGHT, TOP, or BOTTOM are acceptable settings: SET aCap=BOTTOM REM This is the text, if any, that you want to include with REM the web table; it could consist of an explanation of the REM table's contents, and it will be aligned relative to the REM TABLE tag's align attribute. Here you give the pathname REM of a text file, which, if it exists, will be included as REM the text associated with the table. So, say your table REM is aligned as RIGHT, which means the table will be shown REM to the right-most side of the browser's window, in which REM case the text associated with the table will appear left REM of the table, and the image table will be to the right: SET eTxt=img2.txt REM Specify the text size of the text, if any, specified by REM eTxt setting above, where values of 2 to 5 are valid: SET sTxt= REM Next setting specifies the maximum number of pictures to REM display per page; if it's not set, then all graphics you REM specify with the file specs you pass on the command line REM included in one web page: SET pMax=
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