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WARNING! Is The Digital Angel Subdermal Biochip the Mark of the Beast?

"If any  man worship the beast and his image, and recieve his
mark in his  forehead, or in his  hand,  The same shall drink
of  the  wine  of the  wrath  of  God,  which is  poured  out
without mixture into the  cup  of  his  indignation;  and  he
shall  be tormented with fire and brimstone  in the  presence
of his  holy  angels,  and in the presence of the  Lamb.  And
the smoke of their  torment ascendeth  up for ever and ever."
                   -- Revelation 14:9-11, The Holy Bible, KJV

  "The  individual is defenseless against direct  manipulation
  of the brain [by radio controled brain implants] because  he
  is  deprived  of  his most intimate mechanisms of biological
  reactivity.  In  experiments,  electrical   stimulation   of
  appropriate  intensity always prevailed over free will; and,
  for example, flexion of the hand evoked  by  stimulation  of
  the  motor cortex cannot be voluntarily avoided. Destruction
  of the frontal lobes produced changes in effectiveness which
  are beyond personal control." --  Dr.  Jose  Delgado, who in
  the 1950s was funded by Naval Intellignece and the Air Force
  and crafted the  first  radio controlled brain implants

  Freemasonry's   involvment   with  the  development  of  the
  subdermal control and tracking chip was touched on by  James
  Shelby Downard as reported by Jim Keith:

  "James  Shelby Downard, in 'The Call to Chaos' in Apocolypse
  Culture  provides  additional,  deep   background   on   the
  intelligence agency-occult connection:

  Consider that the secret society which became the nucleus of
  the Office of  Strategic  Services  -  Central  Intelligence
  Agency   octopus   was   making   biotelemetry  implants  in
  unsuspecting people as early as 1933. After the  operations,
  the  victims  were  kept  drugged  for  a time and then were
  brainwashed (OSS-CIA is written that way  because  when  the
  former became  the latter, they changed the name but not the
  facts). I believe the implants were at  first  activated  by
  touching  the  skin  with  a device similar to an electrical
  prod, but which actually was a symbolical phallus.

  The early implants were made to stimulate the pudenda nerve,
  when   triggered,   so   that   the   sexually  excited  and
  amnesiac-drugged victims could be used in the  sex  circuses
  of   the  OSS-CIA  secret  order.  Those  victims  were  not
  infrequently operated on while anesthetized by morphine  and
  scopolomine,  which  produce analgesia and amnesia (twilight
  sleep, to esotericists).  They too  were  brainwashed  after
  healing.  This  evil  program,  supposedly  for  the sake of
  national security, was oriented to the cult  of  GAOTU  [The
  Freemasonic god, the Great Architect of the Universe.]"(Jim

  "Saturnalian orgies were and are performed with some represe
  ntation of a deity. A woman I call the Great Whore performed
  in those rites some years ago,  representing such deities as
  Artemis (Diana or  Hecate),  Aphrodite Porne (Dirty  Venus),
  Bastet,  Selket and the  White Goddess  described by  Robert
  Graves in his famous book.  I do believe that these sex cir-
  uses were part of a realer Call to Chaos working...."


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  From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory by satanist
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