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Site by GAGE [Geeks Against Genocidal Elitists]
G.O.G.: Global Occult Government
& the Cyber Curtain
"The  Blazing  Star (Pentagram) has been
regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or
the   All-Seeing   Eye,   which  to  the
Egyptian Initiates  was  the  emblem  of
Osiris, the  Creator."  Freemason Albert
Pike, "Morals and Dogma", p. 26-16]

|   +---Bohemian
|   +---Bonesmen
|   +---CoMasons
|   +---DeMolays
|   +---EastStar
|   +---Fascists
|   +---Klansmen
|   +---Lucifers
|   +---Marxists
|   +---NewAgers
|   +---Palladin
|   +---Raelians
|   +---Satanism
|   +---Shriners
|   +---UN
|   *---Witchery
|   +---DataBase
|   +---DownLink
|   +---FaceScan
|   *---WorldCam

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