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"Now Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number
Israel." -- 1 Chronicles 22:2, The Holy Bible

"And David said to God, 'Was it  not  I  who  commanded  the
people  to be numbered? I am the one who has sinned and done
evil indeed...'" 1 Chronicles 21:17, The Holy Bible

Although Chronicles I doesn't  say  why  the  numbering  was
evil,  it's  been  suggested that perhaps David was trusting
more in military might than in God, or perhaps it was  wrong
how  the  people  were numbered, because, possibly, it was a
violation of how Moses had  been  instructed  to  conduct  a
census, as described in the book of Exodus 30:11-16.

This  census recorded in I Chronicles is also described in 2
Samual  24,  but  there  it  states  that  God  allowed  the
numbering  because  He  was  angry with Israel, so God moved
David to take the census. Since it says in  the  Bible  that
God doesn't tempt people to sin, 2 Samual 24 is construed to
mean that God allowed David to  do  what  he  wanted  to  do
already,  that  Satan  was allowed to temp David because sin
had already been concieved in  David's  heart,  but  in  any
case,  both  scriptures  are clearly consistent in that they
both suggest that the numbering was a move "against Israel,"
not something good to be desired, but something sinful to be
feared.  In any case,  it's very interesting that in the few
OT scriptures that mention Satan, Satan is seen to favor the
numbering of the people.