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  US  adopts  National  ID: Homeland Security Now In charge of
  Regulations for all US States  Drivers  Licenses  and  Birth
  US  adopts  National  ID: Homeland Security Now In charge of
  Regulations for all US States  Drivers  Licenses  and  Birth
  Jonathan Wheeler
  December 10 2004
  In a chilling act more reminiscent of the now defunct Soviet
  Union or the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler, the United States
  Congress  passed  legislation  yesterday  that  requires the
  States to surrender their regulatory  rights  over  driver's
  licenses   and  birth  certificates  to  The  Department  of
  Homeland Security.
  The massive US Intelligence Reform Bill weighed in  at  over
  3,000  pages  and  though  unread  by  individual Members of
  either the House or Senate nevertheless passed  all  of  the
  legislative hurdles needed in order to become law.
  President  Bush  lobbied  hard  for  these  provisions, only
  objecting when Senator Sensenbrenner  attempted  to  require
  these  same  provisions  for  illegal  aliens  but which the
  President opposed. This provision was dropped from the final
  Beginning  in 2005, the Department of Homeland Security will
  issue new uniformity regulations  to  the  States  requiring
  that  all  Drivers  Licenses  and  Birth  Certificates  meet
  minimal  Federal  Standards  with  regard  to   US   citizen
  information, including biometric security provisions.
  Added  to  currently existing Federal Laws and Supreme Court
  rulings American citizens when born will be issued a  Social
  Security  Number  that  will  be  included  on  their  Birth
  Certificates, along with DNA biometric  markers.  All  birth
  certificates will also be registered in a Federal Government
  database maintained by the Department of Homeland  Security.
  No  child  will  be  allowed  enrollment  to  schools  or be
  entitled to either  State  of  Federal  Government  benefits
  programs  without  first  presenting  a  certified  Homeland
  Security registered Birth Certificate.
  Drivers Licenses will also contain DNA biometric markers and
  include  the  holders Social Security Number and be required
  for  receiving  and  applying  for  all  State  and  Federal
  benefits  programs. Previous Supreme Court rulings have also
  upheld State and Federal Law Enforcement  authorities  right
  to request Identification from any American citizen, for any
  reason and at any time as not being violations of their, the
  citizens, constitutionally protected rights.
  Major  Banks  and  credit  card companies have applauded the
  adoption of a National  ID  system  as  being  important  to
  counter  fraud  and  increasing instances of identity theft.
  National ID cards with biometric markers will eliminate them
  from  having  to issue Credit and Debit cards, which for the
  first time in US history have surpassed the usage of  checks
  and  cash.  Utilizing  The Department of Homeland Securities
  centralized  federal  database,  Banks   and   credit   card
  companies  will  only require the presentation of a citizens
  Driver's License to make purchases as  all  of  the  persons
  financial  information,  including credit and cash balances,
  will already be known in  ‘real  time'.  (The  combining  of
  Homeland   Security   and  Banking  databases  on  citizen's
  balances and purchases, along with their  past  and  present
  purchasing  information,  has  been  allowed  under previous
  Federal Laws including the Patriot Act.)
  Also  included  in  this  bill  is  a  law  to  require  The
  Department  of  Homeland Security to establish a separate ID
  system for citizens to use prior to boarding airplanes,  and
  which  is  eerily reminiscent of the Soviet and Nazi regimes
  dreaded Internal Passport.
  Never before in our  history  have  the  words  of  Benjamin
  Franklin  been so correct when he stated: "people willing to
  trade their freedom for temporary security  deserve  neither
  and will lose both".
  Today, December 9, 2004 will be one of those moments in time
  that future historians will look back on and  pin  point  as
  being  the day that the United States of American, and as it
  was founded by its forefathers, ceased to exist.