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       The New American, November 19, 2001

       Oracle CEO Sees Profit in the Cards

       A  national  identification  card  system  could be put into
       place within approximately three months  courtesy  of  Larry
       Ellison, the chairman and CEO of Oracle, a computer database
       company. "We are  in  the  process  of  putting  a  proposal
       together  and  analyzing what it would take to get something
       running in a matter of a small number of months, like  three
       months,  90  days," Ellisioin told the San Jose Mercury News
       in an October 16th interview. "We think we could put up this
       technology very, very quickly."

       In  talks  with  U.S.  Attorney  General  John  Ashcroft and
       officials at the CIA and FBI, Ellision said he  was  willing
       donate  the  necessary  software:  "I  made  this  offer not
       because the government can't afford to pay for the software,
       but  because  I  shut  up the critics who were saying, 'Gee,
       Larry Ellison wants build  a  national  databse  because  he
       wants  to  sell more databases,' which is pretty cynical and
       bizarre." Yet cynicism may  be  in  order,  especially  when
       analysts  such  as Shalini Chowdhary with Frost and Sullivan
       estimate that the hardware, software,  and  services  needed
       for the iD cards could end up costing more than $3 billion.

       And  speaking  of bizarre, it is strange that Ellison thinks
       he has silenced his critics by  offering  the  software  for
       free  when he has stated that maintenance and upgrades won't
       be. Ellison is among the richest individuals  in  the  world
       with  an estimated 15 billion. As such, his is certain to be
       familiar with the age-old  marketing  ploy  of  getting  the
       customer hooked on "free" samples.

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       (c) The New American, November 19, 2001