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February 14, 2002
[NOT A HALLMARK CARD! "It's health security, social security, national security, and a MARC of distinction, citizen Smith. Photograph courtesy of Popular Mechanics magazine.]
As if it were the dream divine of despots, the age-old drive to establish a national ID card still slithers steadily and surreptitiously along, despite many set backs and much opposition along the way. Presented for public purview so many times, over so many years, in so many guises, yet always the same, it moves inexorably onward like a genetic- ally engineered nine-headed hydra with nine lives and many shape-shifting and chameleon-like qualities. Indeed, men die easy, and politicians come and go, but the dreams of despots die hard, evidently. If there were time enough to count, time itself could be measured by the clicking of the wratchets of control freaks or by the buckets of human blood that spill beneath the alters of their gods. Yet who, even if they had the time, would be brave enough to fathom the depths of misery and bloodshed? The Tower of Babel could never rise above the sea of agony. Yet still despots try, and so the Builders build their ghastly monuments, as if to say, "Behold, the glory of our undertaking will rise above the blood one day to reach the stars, and you will see, in time, how it was worth it, after all." After all, when was bloodshed ever a bar to the building of death camps, gulags, or police states? Blood is just cement to tyrants, teary-eyed and sad though they may be or seem in the cemetary of collateral damages, where freedom's funeral is attended by all dignitaries of state, as though freedom could die in a terrible accident, not as a consequence of the machinations of the state--the only power strong enough to crush liberty or uphold it. Let the cameras roll; let the sermons begin; let the rifles crack. Freedom died suddenly, unexpectedly, in a terrible explosion. But we will keep her alive in word, in spirit, if not in fact, for behold, her funeral procession has begun, but the party is far from over, after all. Witness, then, the slew of socialist legislation unleashed in the aftermath of our nation's most terrible of tragedies. But note, more importantly, how the back-logged legislation piles up like a lake of sewage before the terror hits and the damn bursts, sending tons of Constitutionally challenged and unseemly legislation through Congress like excrement through the Jolly Green Giant on laxatives. Amid the clamor for more government, advocates of limited government and individual liberty looked as lop-sided as one-eared Dumbos caught in a mule drive. Too, to statists, it was a time to say, "I told you so." How quickly the media jumped up to the plate to bat a homerun for the CIA, telling us, contrary to fact, how the CIA is awfully under-funded, or that, poor dears, they were overworked and underloved during the Clinton years. With such a blitzkrieg of balderdash launched so quickly after such a horrible spec- tacle of human carnage, who could blame Americans for taking the bait? No criticism, no hard questions, no angry calls for the resignations of CIA officials--nothing but calls to increase the funding and powers of the CIA. Hardly had the Trade Towers collapsed than TV anchors were polling Americans and asking them how much freedom they'd be willing to give up for security, as if they were asking just how right we think the statists are, now, or how much bloodshed it will take to convince the sheople to surrender their last vestiges of freedom. Never mind that after the OKC terror attack, federal spending for "homeland security" doubled. Never mind that truckloads of new and Constitutionally dubious legislation was passed. Never mind that amidst the Luftwaffe of lies spewing relentl- essly from the fat underbelly of the elephant state, the one true and deadly earnest, albeit thinly disguised, promise to be made was that more terror is certain. If so, one might ask, then why trash the Constitution and turn American into an oppressive police state? Then, rising out of the ashes of Black Tuesday, that many headed hydra, the National ID card, reared up again to vex those fear it's the prelude to a police state, or worse yet, the first unfoldings of the dread prophecy in the book of Revelations. SOCIAL SECURITY IN THE CARDS: ------------------------------------------------------------ "History teaches that men learn nothing from history," said the statist Hegel, who clearly learned nothing from history insofar as history teaches the folly of statism.So Hegel did prove his point--a historical fact of no small significance when you consider the genocides perpetrated by Hegel's int- ellectual heirs, the statists of the 20th century, who made the premature purblind apocalyptic doom sayers of the dark ages seem almost prophetic compared to the idiot savants of socialism. For example, in the aftermath of Black Friday, during the Great Depression, when Freemason FDR and his statist seers first proposed the Social Security number, protests went up amongst many that the Social Security number would devolve into de facto national ID. The collectivists, always eager to collect greater entitlements for the state, derived nay sayers as paranoid. After all, they said, the SSN was only meant to be used for Social Security, nothing else. What evidence did the doom sayers have to substantiate their speculations? Shame on those conspiracy theorists! A few years later, in 1943, FDR issued an executive order that required federal agencies to use the SSN for identify- ing people, thereby obviating the need for each agency to develop its own numbering system; consequently, the SSN was used by the FAA as a pilot licence number, the DoD discard- ed military "serial numbers" and adopted the SSN, the Civil Service Commission adopted the SSN to keep track of federal employees, and the Veterans Administration used the number to keep track of military medical benefits, etc., etc., etc... So today, just as the "conspiracy theorists" predicted, the SSN has become a de facto national identifier without which one can't open a bank account, file taxes, earn a pilot's licence, join the military, receive federal benefits, rent rental furniture, obtain a credit card, get a job with the federal government, get a job without the federal govern- ment, or get a commercial driver's license, etc., etc., etc.... Trouble is, at least to control freaks, a few people can still manage to live without an SSN number, while some manage to survive with a false Social Security number, and still people in fornitopia can download porn without one. In short, the SSN was a good start, but a fully satisfying slave ID it ain't, quite, not yet. Because the SSN is small (just 9 digits) any randomly chosen number will most likely be a valid SSN, which raises the possibility of tax evasion and fraud. Also, as Simpson Garfinkel points out in "The Database Nation," the SSN has no check digit to verify that the other digits are correct. In European nations, their equivalent of the SSN is assigned at birth in a sequential uniform manner, but in the USA, the number is only assigned when an individual requests one from the Social Security Administration. So, all things considered, America lags behind other NATO nations in the the quest for an absolute, irrevocable, inextricable, and universal Human Resource Locator -- a URL for the New World Order, the MARC of eternal and infernal distinction. We have the "conspiracy theorists" to thank for that. NATIONAL HEALTH IN THE CARDS: ------------------------------------------------ Enter, then, Santa Claus Clinton of the CIA, the red nosed ho ho huckster of It's-A-Small-World-After-All-And-I-Feel- Your-Pain-So-Let's-Make-Love-Tonight globosocialism, whose mission, impossible to miss, had already made its way into print by way of a mad Georgetown professor of his named Carrol Quigley, whom Clinton praised in his inaugural distress, as if to comfort backers of the Great Quest: "Our aim is nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands to dominate the political system of each country and the world economy as a whole. Freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that every man will be numbered from birth, and followed, as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, his tax contributions (sic), his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits. --Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966 His Great Quest so clearly divined, with the entire muscle squad of the super spy state backing him up, Clinton could be counted on to deliver every Christmas-list wish for the naughty boys and bad girls of the Establishment. It was a New Age Christmas, after all, with Christians roasting in an open fire at Waco, TX, an IRS nipping at Clinton's foes and dreams of a white cocaine Christmas just like the ones they'd known before. (Newsweek, it was, who first called Clinton our first "New Age" president, Eakman, "Cloning of the American Mind," page 478) So, straight out of the gate, after some feckless attempts to get the Clipper Chip going, Clinton tried to deliver on a dream divine of despots--a national ID card, but in the guise of a national health card with purdy colors and some really neato graphics to boot. But sorry, silly rabbit, tricks are for kids; anybody whose brain had not yet been reduced to mass media mush saw the proposal for what it was; namely, just another federal power grab. The Great Quest so quickly quashed, the Clintonistas found yet other ways to skin the same cat. First, ostensibly to crack down on dead-beat dads, they passed a law which made it illegal for any employer to hire somebody without first running their Social Security number through a federal database of negligent parents who refused to pay child support. While this was quite effective at tracking down dead beats and garnering sorely needed funds, it also had the dubious merit of making it impossible for a person to legally obtain a job in the U.S. without first coughing up their SSN, thus opening the door for systematic abuse by government officials who want to harass, intimidate, or otherwise vex dissidents or personal enemies. If you think that would only happen to bad people, please e-mail the Ayn Frank Foundation to explain your rationalizations. MARC OF DISTINCTION IN THE CARDS: --------------------------------------- [Pictured above, the DoD's MARC, or Multi-Technology Aut- omated Reader Card, which has several media: a standard 3 of 9 bar code, magnetic stripe, embossed data, printed i- iformation, including a digital photograph, & an Integra- ted Circuit (IC) computer chip--all on one credit card- sized device that can interface with a variety of systems and technologies, e.g., imprinting machines or computer sysems that use IC chips as data carriers, according to a now publicly inacessible report found on a military web site.] Then, as if to mock the Christian right, the DoD began in- vesting in what it called the "MARC", or Multi-Automated Reader Card, which caused considerable public outcry due to the obviously sinister connotations pertaining to the dread prophecy in the book of Revelations about the Mark of the Beast. This card, slated to be carried by military personal, caused some in the military to refuse accept- ance of the ill-begotten card. They were promptly court martialed, and the project moved brazenly forward before it disappeared into the abyss from whence it came, where- ver in the netherworld of the serpentine superstate such dark ideas incubate. Although the DoD removed information pertaining to the MARC project from its web site, the accuracy of these reports can still be easily corroborated via the internet For example, according to the Aegis Group web site, Jeff Harris, currently VP of Business development for Aegis, positioned his former employer, Intermec, as the vendor of choice for all major government smart card projects, including the Multi-Technology Automated Reader Card (MARC) Project, which was undertaken while he was stationed in Washington, DC from 1996 through 1998. According to Flashpoint newsletter of Oct 1994, the DoD planned to require all U.S.Armed Forces personnel to carry the MARC card. On April, 1995, at the Card/Tech Security/Tech Conference in Washington, DC, GEMplus Card International Corp. announced that the Dept. of Defense (DOD) had placed a huge order for the corporation to initially supply 60,000 of the microprocessors used in the military's new ID cards. Three men were court martialed for refusing to take the MARC: U.S. Air Force Technical Sargent Sinclair of Hamden, Virginia because he disobeyed an order to provide blood and saliva samples for the required DNA registry. According to Christianity Today, some military personnel were concerned that the card might be satanic; Jennifer Ferranti reported: "A 26-year-old marine pilot who is a Christian sees an eerie resemblance between a multitechnology automated reader card (MARC) that marines are required to wear at his base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and another mark-- the mark of the beast described in the Book of Revelation. Capt. Joel Kirk has thus far avoided having his picture taken for the new identification card, which carries name, rank, serial number-- and a two-megabyte computer chip designed to hold whatever information and records the military deems appropriate. (USA Today, July 13, 1994) SAFETY IN THE CARDS: ------------------- National ID As Standardized Driver's License to Prevent Fraud and Track Terrorists: Though health, wealth, and a mark of worldly distinction may seem a lot to put in a plastic card, these promises were not enough, evidently, to overcome domestic opposition to the ID of the ages, and thus, after the 9-11 terror attack, we were told that yet another fantastic boon is in the card: namely, National security, safety, and freedom from terrorism. Sad to say, there are those among use who, for whatever reason, were banished from Fool's Paradise, and consequently, unable to sup from the nectar of the gods of globosocialism without retching, these sad souls found this "news" hard to stomach. In fact, one Micheal Bunker went so far as to say that more terrorism is certain because the gods in the Kingdom of Everlasting Job Preservation have long found the idea of a national ID card not only beautific but worthy of billions of dollars of research and development, and it's not just an investment to them--it's a Great Quest, remember, not to mention big money. So, there it stands today, folks. The card carrying commies never imagined so much could be packed into a tiny piece of plastic, but as we all know by now, progress is the shining light at the end of the tunnel, so watch out, because the white light at the end of the tunnel is a train, and hell is coming with it, my virtual fellow cyber slaves of the New World Order. The Masons have been at the forefront pushing for "progress" in biometric identification, especially for children. Sources: "Project L.U.C.I.D.", Texe Marrs, 1996 Byte magazine, "Smartcards in Action," 1998 The Database Nation, Simon Garfinkel The End of Privacy, Charles Skykes Washington Times, "High-tech national Tatoo," Oct 11, 1993 "I Am Not A Number," Claire Wolfe, Nowhere to Hide, video documentary series by Michael Bunker "The Final Warning," a video documentary by Grant Jeffries According to "The Final Warning, Congressmen Neil Smith, in the mid-1990s, 4th disctrict of Iowa, disclosed in a report that the House had agreed to secretly fund a National ID Center located 4 hours from Washington, D.C., in Virginia to allow intelligence to consolodate compute- ized data records on millions of Americans, to check for compliance with gun control laws, so that records would be available to law enforecement across state borders. In 2005, a national ID card bill was passed, as Texe Marrs had predicted long ago, and although the pretext was post 9-11 concern about terrorism, fact is, the powers that be had planned to do that long before 9-11.