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Forced  National  ID  Gateway  to Forced Implanted Bio Chips

Forced National ID Gateway to  Forced Implanted Bio Chips

Paul  Walter | February 18, 2005

Last  week  the   House   of   Representatives   passed   an
unconstitutional  piece  of legislation which will force all
Americans to accept a national  ID/driver's  license.  Those
who refuse to accept this card will not be able to fly, take
the train and one day you will be unable to travel the roads
and  streets  without  "your  papers,  please!" According to
Congressman  Ron  Paul,  "The  bill  establishes   a   huge,
centrally  database  of  highly  personal  information about
American citizens: at a minimum their name, date  of  birth,
place   of  residence,  social  security  number  and  other
sensitive data. [Read:  National  ID  Bill  Masquerading  as
Immigration Reform]

The  bill even provides for this sensitive information to be
shared with Canada and Mexico!  Imagine  a  corrupt  Mexican
official  selling  thousands  of  identify  files, including
social security numbers to criminals."

Congressman Paul goes  on  to  say,  "Supporters  claim  the
national  ID  scheme  is  voluntary. However, any state that
opts out will automatically  make  non-persons  out  of  its
citizens.  The citizens of that state will be unable to have
any dealings with the federal government  because  their  ID
will  not  be  accepted.  They will not be able to fly or to
take a train.  In  essence,  in  the  eyes  of  the  federal
government  they  will  cease to exist. It is absurd to call
this voluntary, and the proponents of the national  ID  know
that every state will have no choice but to comply."

Of course, this is unconstitutional and not just because the
federal  government  has  issued  a  direct  threat  to  the
sovereign  states  of  the  Union  and  their  citizens. The
driver's license and  state  identification  cards  are  and
always  have  been  the domain of the states under the Tenth
Amendment. Congress is trying to crush the  independence  of
the states and the people should rise up and tell their U.S.
Senators that while the  House  has  passed  this  draconian
piece  of  Nazi-style  legislation,  that you will refuse to
accept these documents. Enormous heat must  be  put  on  the
Senate to kill this legislation.

Only  someone  with  their head in the sand can't see what's
coming. Because these IDs will become like gold on the black
market,  counterfeiting  will  become  so massive as we have
already seen with theft identity, the next logical  step  is
forced  biometric implantable chips - into your right wrist.
Congress  is  consistent  at  creating  a  mess   and   then
destroying your rights to "fix it." Nothing could be further
from the truth as we have seen over and over and  over  with
all these broken government systems.

How  can  anyone  deny this? Being forced to have a bio chip
implanted under their skin isn't the Mark of  the  Beast  as
foretold  in  the  Bible  where you will be unable to do any
business, commerce or travel without it? Now is the time  to
demand  the  Oregon  State  Legislature  refuse to allow the
federal machine to  come  into  our  state  and  force  such
draconian,  Nazi-style  intrusions  into our lives. Speak up
now or in a few years you'll be sporting  the  Mark  of  the

Is  our government using the fear and threat of terrorism to
enslave us all? You bet they are.

Note: National drivers license  is  the  precursor  for  the
bio-chip  implant.  You see, if they demand bio chip implant
right of the bat, people won't accept it. So, the stage  has
to be set first. Once the people accept the national drivers
license, it will be a cinch to sell the sheep the  bio  chip
implant,  guaranteed,  all  in the name of security. And the
501-c-3 corporate church leadership will help them.

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