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What  follows  in  an excerpt from an article by Texe Marrs,
who gives us the big picture about MARC cards. The full text
of      the      article  is     available     at the  Power
of Prophecy website:

Project          L.U.C.I.D.          Thunders          Ahead

And  when  these things begin to come to pass, then look up,
and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  ù
Luke 21:28

 Texe Marrs

The  shadow  government's  sinister plan to minutely control
our daily lives via a global,  beast  computer  network  has
recently  made  astonishing advances. The high tech noose is
quickly being tightened around the necks of the citizenry.

President Bill Clinton announced last October 10th that  the
government  wants  every home in the United States to have a
computer and be linked on the internet.  Trumpeting  a  new,
$500  million  government  initiative  to  launch this idea,
Clinton made it seem a noble thing as he remarked,  "Let  us
reach for a goal in the 21st century of every home connected
to the internet, and let us be brought closer together as  a
community through that connection."

The       Cyclops       Eye       of       Big       Brother

Brought closer, indeed! The goal is to bind us all  together
as  21st  century  slaves  under  the  watchful, electronic,
cyclops eye of  Big  Brother.  Project  L.U.C.I.D.  thunders

The  National  Security  Agency  (NSA) has now established a
consortium of computer hardware and software corporations to
further develop this unified control. Under the system about
to be launched, no individual in the world will be  able  to
access  a  computer  without his or her Universal Biometrics
I.D. Card.

Big  Brother  wants  to  keep  all  patriots,  nationalists,
constitutionalists,  fundamentalist  Christians,  and  other
supposed  "discontents"  off  the  internet.   Working   the
internet  and  getting  their  message  out exposing the New
World Order will no longer be allowed.

The scheme to require the Universal Biometrics I.D. Card for
computer  access  was  first  revealed  in an article in The
European newspaper (29  Aug.-4  Sept.  1996,  pg.  21).  The
article  explained  that  Acorn  Computer  Group,  based  in
England; Oracle Software, a California software  giant;  and
Things  That  Think,  a Massachusetts-based, high technology
research  and  development  outfit,  are  working  on   this
project,  along  with  "40  other  companies  representing a
cross-section of the world's business community."

The people behind this massive development project  envision
that  soon,  every  home  will  become  a  "cyberhome." Neal
Gershenfeld, speaking for the consortium of  companies,  put
it  this  way:  "In  the not so distant future, intelligence
will be imbedded throughout the home and the people who live

"The  intelligence,"  says  Gershenfeld,  "will  be  in  the
objects and devices that inhabit the home."

But the master control unit, the article notes, is the  home
computer,  tied  in  with  a  global  link.  Every  home and
apartment will have a central  computer,  and  nothing  will
happen in a home unless the owner first gets the O.K. to use
the home's intelligent objects by inserting  a  smart  card,
the  Universal  Biometrics  I.D.  Card,  into a special I.D.
reader device connected to the computer.

Unless you have and use the Universal Biometrics I.D.  Card,
your garage door and front door won't open. Your lights will
not go on. Your heating and  air  conditioning  will  remain
off. Your cookstove will not light up and be operative. Your
commodes won't flush. Without your Universal Biometrics I.D.
Card, you'll be rendered virtually homeless!