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THE UNHOLY GRAIL OF G.O.G. "Magic was called formerly the Sacerdotal Art and The Royal Art, because initiation gave empire over souls to the sage and the capacity for ruling wills." --Freemason Eliphas Levi The ultimate purpose of GOG (Global Occult Government) is the destruction of the human soul, and one means to that end is TOTE (The Technology of Total Enslavement). This at any rate is my opinion after several years of research into the occult origins of the globalist ideology. At the outset, then, I ask the reader: What, exactly, is a soul? If the soul is so abstract and hard to define as to defy description, why not sell your soul for something tangible like a cushy job at the UN? If you lost your soul, what, exactly, would you lose? Without disputing your notion of a soul, may I suggest that your soul is your most valuable asset, the one thing, above all else, that every shrewd tyrant would want to take from you? Our capacity to make free and independent choices as autonomous individuals is what makes us uniquely human as opposed to automotons or animals, and I go so far as to think that when God gave us that spiritual freedom, God gave us something invaluable: namely, a soul. In fact, freedom is the stuff a soul is made of. So, what cost, freedom? What cost, a soul? If freedom is the stuff a soul is made of, selling your freedom, even if done freely, is selling your soul, and the value of the soul you sell is measured by the value of the freedom you lost in selling your soul for something else. To know the value of human freedom is to know the value of a soul. Dead souls, souls devoid of independence or autonomy, go cheap, because freedom is not just stuff, but the most valuable stuff, of which souls are made. Trouble is, many today don't think they are selling their souls by allowing themselves to be tracked, monitored, numbered, manipulated, social engineered, bribed, and spoon-fed, or fed-spooned, lies and half-truths. Evidently, they see little or no connection between political freedom, i.e., freedonm from state control, and spiritual freedom, i.e., freedom to choose freely as autonmous beings. If the Bible is to be believed, God does see a connection between the two, because, as written in the Book of Revelation, those who accept the mark of the Beast, which is simply an outward physical sign of total inward capitulation to tyranny, will be doomed to eternal damnation. After all, it is not their freedom to buy or sell that they will be selling in accepting the mark or number of the Beast. To the contrary, by accepting the mark, they will be guaranteed freedom to buy and sell as they wish. to travel freely, and to prosper in the new economy. However, the one thing they will no longer be able to sell, or buy back, is their soul, their freedom, autonomy, and independence. So, after capitulating completely to tyranny, how will they know the enormity or gravity of what they've done? Insofar as they've forfieted their capacity to think for themselves, choose of their own volition, or act autonomously as individuals, they will simply believe what they are told, and certainly they'll be told, among other things, that they are not only free but freer than ever. After all, are they not free to buy, sell, and prosper in the new economy? Did they not freely choose to accept the mark? Did they not vote in elections for the very people whose idea it was to implement the universal ID? Yes, but a man is not free because he chooses to be a slave, nor because he votes in elections. A man is a slave because others have enslaved him through force and trickery. Therefore, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, the road to freedom is paved with the blood of tyrants and/or their lies. A man becomes free because he is victorious over deciet, tyranny, and wickedness. There are no shortcuts to freedom. The way is straight, going in one direction, and narrow, being confined by objective truth, and difficult, because the enemy is strong, and hard to find, because the enemy's task is to mislead us. So it was asked, and it bears repeating, "What will it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?" If the world he owns owns him, he may do as he wants in the world, but what he desires, thinks, and indeed who he is will be determined by the world, not self-determined. As the song goes, "If a man doesn't have himself, what has he got?" He might buy or sell anything, and do exactly as he's programmed to do, but in truth, he is no longer a man but a dead soul, an empty shell, a robot, not to mention a slave. If a tyrant could control us completely, making us mere appendages of his will, and rendering our independence of thought and choice void, what need would he have to consult us about anything? What need to conduct opinion polls, focus groups, or surveys, except to determine how effective our brainwashing has been? What value does your judgement have if it's not your own? Indeed, to know what your opinion will be months from now, tyrants could simply consult their brainwashing experts and ask what propaganda is scheduled for next month's headlines. If in fact freedom is the stuff a soul is made of, what, then, do these mind controllers and freedom destroyers really seek if not the destruction of our souls, the anihilation of the human race as divinely created in the image of God? Insofar as they seek to reduce us to the status of robots incapable of acting as independent and autonomous individuals, they may argue and believe that they do so to end war, to save the planet from ecological destruction, or establish equality and universal prosperity, but in fact, despite what they say, they seek exactly what Satan seeks: namely, our souls. Is it so hard to believe, then, that the goal of GOG is the destruction of the soul? For by depriving you of your soul, the tyrant obviates the need to consult you, because the tyrant can dictate your opinions. Your will becomes, unbeknownst to yourself, an extension of his own, and your reason for existence is merely to serve the tyrant. If the tyrant takes anything else, even your life, it will not serve his purpose nearly as well as taking your soul. For dead men can't serve tyrants, and impoverished men can still resist them. But if the tyrant has your soul, he can take your money with your blessings, then ask you to give your time and talents as well to achieve the unholy grail of tyranny; namely, total control, which is to say, death of the soul. ------------------------------------------------------------ [Note: Granted, there are those who deny the reality of free will, who hold that our belief in human freedom is a self- flattering illusion, else that, although we do have freedom to choose, it's our capacity to reason that distinquishes us from animals, not our free will--even so, Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine, Descartes, and Pascal, among others, all held that not only do humans have free will, but free will is what dis- tiguishes humans from animals, according to Mortimer Adler, author of "The Difference of Man and the Difference It Makes" The famous Scottish priest and theologian, Occam, in whose honor "Occam's Razor" is named, also believed in free will, whereas Luther and Calvin, in contrast, were determinists who believed in predestination, a doctrine shared by the Muslims. [The Mohammedans were, generally, rigid predestinarians. With them, every event in nature was fixed by an absolute decree of Allah.] Texe Marrs, author of "Project L.U.C.I.D.", points out that the global total information awareness surveillance system, or the "digital all-seeing eye", as some call it, contains the seeds of an unimaginable evil: namely, the control of human minds by other humans. He asks: "Will the L.U.C.I.D. net someday integrate this brain control technology....?" p 201, "Project L.U.C.I.D.", published in 1996.] "Murder, desecration, what did it matter? That was the beauty of having no soul" --Edward Humes, Buried Secrets "If it's used to influence someone to go against the free will God gave us, then it becomes 'black magic', since that violates the divine plan." -- Ralph Sarchie, "Beware the Night", page 241