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   Freemasonry and King Solomon

  According  to  Colin Wilson, p 226, author of "The Occult: A

  "King Solomon was considered the master of all dealings with
  the underworld, and many 'original' texts of his conjuration
  circulated  among magicians. The wording was Hebrew, written
  in Roman characters. Solomon's Seal was  considered  a  most
  majic  efficacious  design, recommened by Peter of Abano for
  the summoning of an air  spirit."  --  Kurt  Seligmann,  THE
  HISTORY  OF  MAGIC  AND  THE OCCULT, Harmony Books, 1948, p.
  201, as qouoted in secondary source "The Great Seal  of  the
  United States", David Carrico, p.32

  "The  true  philosoophy,  known and practised by Solomon, is
  the basis on which Masonry  is  founded."  --  Albert  Pike,
  Freemason  of the 33rd and last Degree, "Morals and Dogma of
  the Ancient and Accepted Rite of  Freemasonry",  1871,  L.H.
  Jenkins  Inc., p. 785, as quoted from secondary source, "The
  Great Seal of the United States: Its Occult Meaning",  David
  Carrico,  1977.  This  quote is taken from the Ritual of the
  Degree of Kabalistic and Hermetic Rose Croix,  according  to
  researcher Carrico.

  Ultimately, though, according to Freemasonry's most infamous
  partisans,  the Kabbala's origin is not Hebrew but goes back
  even further than King Solomon to the ancient  mystery cults
  of the olden world,  a view which is also supported by Bible
  Scriptures,  since it's written therein that it was the evil
  influence of Solomon's concubines,  who praticed the ancient
  cults, that led Solomon to fall into apostosay and witchery.

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