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  Freemasonry and Modern Satanism:
 The founders of the OTO were all Freemasons:
 Theodore Reuss, co-founder of O.T.O. Mason Crowley, O.T.O., Golden Dawn  Mason Kellner, co-founder O.T.O.
 [a. Aliester Crowley, "father of modern satanism", author of
 "Majick In Theory and Practice" and other  satanic  screeds,
 pictured here in his Masonic regalia, 1916.  Note the symbol
 scrawled next to his signature, which is  said  by  some  to
 symbolize  the  Baphomet,  although  this has been denied by
 Freemasons.  In any case, whatever it represents, it's known
 to  be  a  Masonic  symbol  and Crowley evidently thought it
 represented the Baphomet, as indicated by in his own writing
 next to the symbol.  Crowley,  a 33rd Degree Sovereign Grand
 Inspector General of the  Scottish Rite,  also held the 95th
 Degree of the Rite of Memphis,  plus 90th Degree of the Rite
 of Mizraim ("Freemasonry and Satanism", by Carrico).

 "With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of jesus as he hangs
 on the cross."
 The Book of the Law Author: Aiwass/ Freemason Crowley Samuel
 Weiser publishers ISBN: 0-87728-334-6 NOTE: This book is one
 of the dictated source through Aleister Crowley by his demon

"With the cross of jesus trampled on the  floor...Christians
 necks our footstool, Heaven itself Our throne."
 Collected  Works  of Aleister Crowley Foyers Society for the
 Propagation of Religious Truth Reprinted by Yogi Publication
 Society Date 1906. ISBN: 0-911662-52-9 Hard Bound, Volume 2,
 page 4.

  "I bind my blood in  Satan's  hands,  All  this  that  lieth
  betwixt  my  hands  To  thee,  the Beast, and thy control, I
  pledge me; body, mind, and soul".
  Satanic Extracts by Freemason Aleister Crowley. Black Lodge
  Publishing, 1991  The  Estate  of  Aleister  Crowley,  1991.
  Copyright.  Page  3 and page 4. Mandrake Press, Essex House,
  Thames England.

 Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, also acknowledged
 his indebtedness to Freemasonry and spoke highly of cretan
 Crowley in his pulp illiterature,   "The Satanic Rituals."
   (Scans from "SRA and Secret Societies",  by Dave Carrico)