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  The Wicked World Of Occult Quotes

  by Jack Roper of C.A.R.I.S.


  "It would obviously be more effective to sacrifice  a  human
  being  because  of  the  far  greater  psychological  'kick'
  involved. Eliphas Levi said that  when  the  grimoires  talk
  about killing a kid they really mean a human child. Although
  this is highly unlikely, there is a tradition that the  most
  effective  sacrifice  to  demons  is  the  murder of a human

  The Black Arts by  Richard  Cavendish,  Putnam's  Son,  N.Y.
  1967,  old  hard  bound  edition.  p- 272. In the paper back
  edition-Capricorn Books-this quote is on page 248.   Eliphas
  Levi, whom Cavendish refers to here, was a French Freemason.


  "Study of spiritual realities found in Masonry reveals  that
  we  have perpetuated and icreasingly activated the essencial
  principals of the ancient Mystery Schools which have existed
  from  the  very  earliest  times."
                                     --Freemason Foster Baily,
  husband of Alice Baily, as  quoted  from  "Masonry  and  the
  Mystery Religions,"  which  religions were known to practice
  blood sacrafice, both human and animal

  "In view of these rites my readers should bear in  mind  the
  fact  that in the 16th century the Mexicans still sacraficed
  men as representatives of the gods. Among them was  one  who
  represented  Qretzlcoatl,  the  god who wore ears of corn in
  his hari, and most closely corresponds with the Preserver in
  other  lands.  Many curious legends are told concerning this
  god, who, according to one account, was slain  by  three  of
  the  other  gods."
                      -- Freemason J.S.M. Ward, from his book,
  "Who Was  Hiram  Abiff?",  published  by  Macoy  Publishing,
  speaking  of  the Aztec god Qrezlcoatl, to which humans were
  known to be sacraficed; he continues:

  "It is, therefore, a significant fact that every year a  man
  was  chosen  forty  days  before the date of the festival to
  represent this god and was clothed  in  his  regalia,  which
  included a sceptre shaped like a sickle. He was first bathed
  ina lake and then robedin the royal and divine robes. At the
  end  of his forty days he was slain by having his heart torn
  from his body, which latter  the  worshippersw  subsequently
         --  Freemason  J.S.M.  Ward,  from his book, "Who Was
  Hiram Abiff?", published  by  Macoy  Publishing,  describing
  human  sacrafice cannibalism; he now goes on to describe the
  people involved in human sacrafice as  enligtened  followers
  of the Supreme Master:

  "Thus, after having performed a series of most ghastly human
  sacrafices,  terminating  with  cannibalistic   feast,   the
  priests  of  Ancient  Mexico  would solemnly preach a sermon
  inculcating a most exalted moral code. The laid it down that
  their flock must be kind and charitable, must lead a humble,
  quiet life, must abhor  evil  and  cling  to  good,  finally
  warning  them  of  the  doom  of the wicked hereafter, while
  painting in glowing terms the joys of paradise.
    Where did the Mexican priest learn such moral lessons. Not
  from  the ghasty  ceremony in  which he had just taken part.
  Does it not show that the Supreme Master of  All  does  send
  down  messages  of light to even his most backward children,
  and thereby leads them  on  from  stage  to  stage  of  True
               --  Freemason  J.S.M. Ward, from his book, "Who
  Was Hiram Abiff?"

  "One of these Kings of Tyre called himself Abi-Melech, which
  means  'Father  of  the  King'  or 'Father Moloch,' and is a
  title which implies that its bearer  was  the  father  of  a
  God...From  this we see that the title of Hiram Abiff, i.e.,
  'Father of the Exaltation of LIfe,' etc., becomes  perfectly
                 -- Freemason J.S.M. Ward, from his book, "Who
  Was Hiram Abiff?", drawing  a  connection  between  King  of
  Tyre,  Moloch,  and the Freemasonic hero Hiram Abiff; Moloch
  is described in the Bible as a pagan god  to  whom  children
  were sacrificed.

  "The Brothers of the Shadow who are in the flesh are usually
  very fearful of death and are, therefore, ever in  quest  of
  methods   for   prolonging  their  physical  existence.  The
  biblical statement that man may 'Eat of the Tree of Life and
  live  forever'  is not to them a mere statement, and for the
  purpose of prolonging their lives, they  have  ferreted  out
  and  perpetuated among their clan many nefarious schemes too
  henious to mention. When  these  methods  fail,  as  a  last
  resort  they sacrifice human beings and feast upon the flesh
  and blood of their victims."
            --Freemason S.R. Parchment, from his book "Ancient
  Operative  Masonry",  describing mysterious "Brothers of the
  Shadow" who practice human sacrafice; he goes on:

  "This story is almost identical with that told  of  Marsyas,
  who  also was a lover of Astarte and was slain and flayed by
  Apollo, who then hung his skin on a tree.  Similar  gruesome
  rites  occur in other parts of the world, notably in Mexico,
  and we cannot avoid the condlusion that the legend describes
  a former practice of the slaying of the human representative
  of the Divine Lover, and hanging him, or his skin, on a tree
  as part of the Fertility Rites."
                                   --Freemason S.R. Parchment,
  as quoted from his book "Ancient  Operative  Masonry";  note
  how  the  author eschews the common courtesy of capitalizing
  the word 'Bible' but  does capitalize  the  term  'Fertility
  Rites,' which rites, he tells us, involve human sacrafice

  "For  the  highest  spiritual  working  one must accordingly
  choose that victim which contains the  greatest  and  purest
  force.   A   male   child  of  perfect  innocence  and  high
  intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable  victim."
               --Freemason Aleister Crowley, "Magick in Theory
  and Practice, Castle Books, (n.d) page 95., Old  hard  bound
  copy edition.

  "In  like manner it was customary to sacrifice human victims
  at  the  Consecration  or   Completion   of   a   building."
            --Freemason S.R. Parchment, from his book "Ancient
  Operative Masonry", explaining how the ritual sacrafice of a
  human  being while a building is being erected is thought to
  ensure good luck, even in today's world.


  "After  sunrise,  a  black  cock  must  be killed, the first
  feather of its left wing being plucked and preserved for use
  at the required time. The eyes must be torn out, and so also
  the tongue and heart; these must be dried  in  the  sun  and
  afterwards reduced to powder."
         -- Freemason  A.E.Waite, The Book of Ceremonial Magic,
  University Books, 1961 Hard Bound copy. P-268


  "Concerning sacrifices to the spirits, and how  they  should
  be  made.  In  many  operations it is necessary to make some
  sort of sacrifice unto  the  Demons  and  in  various  ways.
  Sometimes  white  animals are sacrificed to the good Spirits
  and black to the evil. Such sacrifices consist of the  blood
  and sometimes of the flesh."
    Freemason S. Liddell Macgregor Mathers, The Key of Solomon
  The  King, Samuel  Weiser  Books, 1991, ISBN: 0-87728-698-1,
  p-119. paperback.


  "With the cross of jesus trampled on the  floor...Christians
  necks our footstool, Heaven itself Our throne."

  Collected  Works  of Aleister Crowley Foyers Society for the
  Propagation of Religious Truth Reprinted by Yogi Publication
  Society Date 1906. ISBN: 0-911662-52-9 Hard bound .Volume 2.

  "With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of jesus as he hangs
  on the cross."

  The Book of the Law Author: Aiwass/ Freemason Crowley Samuel
  Weiser publishers ISBN: 0-87728-334-6 NOTE: This book is one
  of the dictated source through Aleister Crowley by his demon


  "I bind my blood in  Satan's  hands,  All  this  that  lieth
  betwixt  my  hands  To  thee,  the Beast, and thy control, I
  pledge me; body, mind, and soul".

  "I swear to work my Work abhorred, Careless of all  but  one
  reward, The pleasure of the Devil our Lord."

  Satanic Extracts by Freemason Aleister Crowley. Black Lodge
  Publishing, 1991  The  Estate  of  Aleister  Crowley,  1991.
  Copyright.  Page  3 and page 4. Mandrake Press, Essex House,
  Thames England.


  "Blood has been shed to propitiate gods or at  the  whim  of
  devils.  It is the magic elixir of the life force, but it is
  also the liquid used to sign pacts with the  devil.  It  has
  played a role in white magic when witches were 'scored above
  the breath,' meaning that the face was lacerated  until  the
  blood ran."

  Sybil  Leeks  Book  of  Curses  by Sybil Leek Prentice -Hall
  Books, 1975, Hard bound. ISBN: 0-13-879890-7, page 15-16.

  THE      TRUTH      COMES      OUT     ABOUT     WITCHCRAFT!

  "Various malign influences are away loose in the atmosphere.
  No  matter what you do-or don't do- one day these forces may
  decide to focus on you or your  family.  However,  when  you
  start  practicing  witchcraft,  the  chances  of drawing the
  attention of these mischief makers increases greatly."

  Everyday Witchcraft by Delphinia C. Lyons, Dell  Publishing,
  1972. p-31.

  NOTE:  This  is  supported  in  the  Bible also in Ephesians
  chapter 6:12 and 1 Timothy 4:1-2.


  "Thus the first state of the higher instruction, that of the
  Rose-Croix of Red  Masonry,  was devoted to the knowledge of
  good, while the second stage, that of K.H. or Black Masonry,
  was devoted to the knowledge of evil."

  --Freemason C. W. Leadbeater, distiquishing between red and
  black masonry, the black being called Knights Kadosh (K.H.)


  "Now  the  Spirit  expressly  says that in latter times some
  will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits
  and  doctrines of demons." 1 Tim 4:1 (doctrines= teachings).
  The  word  teachings  expresses  a  personality  behind  the

  Compiled  by  Jack  M.  Roper  C.A.R.I.S.,  P.O.  Box  1659,
  Milwaukee, WI 53201.USA (414) 771-7379.