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WHO WROTE THE BOOK ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER [Above, logo of British intelligence with "all seeing" eye of Freemasonry, and leader of British Intelligence during WW II, Freemason H.G. Wells, outspoken anti-Catholic and author of "The New World Order", a book that describes the plans of the global elites to build G.O.G. Global Occult Government.] FREEMASON AND SPY H.G. WELLS Freemason H.G. Wells, Fabian socialist, occultist, science fiction writer, and intelligence agent, tutored another influencial writer: namley, A. Huxley, author of "Brave New World", a book, which, much like socialist Orwell's "1984", depicted a totalitarian society dominated by a ruthless elite. No doubt, the elite know of what they speak. For example, Orwell, in his famous book "1984" housed the three main beaurocracies of the super-spy-state in three gigantic pyramid-shaped buildings -- a more obvious symbolical thumb print of the Illuminati is hard to think of. "Amazingly enough, the battle plan of the New World Order controllers can be clearly read in the works of a science fiction writer, a man who came up from humble beginnings in Britian to hobnob in his adult life with the movers and shakers of the elite. Herbert George Wells, more than just the latter day Jules Verne that he is presented as in the history books, was head of British Intelligence during World War II, and his mistress was Maura Benchendorff, a woman who has been called 'perhaps the Soviet Union's most effective agent-of-influence ever to appear on London's political and intellectual stage'. H.G. Wells knew whereof he spoke when extolling the plans of the New World Order." -- Jim Keith, "Mind Control, World Control", page 12. According to many researchers, including Keith, Wells was a front man for the Cecil Rhodes Round Table secret society of globalist elitists, while Rhodes was himself an agent of the Rothschilds. The Rhodes group spanned out to form the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, whose publication can be found in most any large conglomerate book chain's magazine racks. Intimate with the Rothschild-allied Sassoons, Wells was often seen at Sassoon get-togethers with the likes of Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw, and druid Winston Churchil. As a progagandist for the New World Order, Wells wrote many books openly advocating global government, including "The Shape of Things To Come: The Ultimate Revolution", in 1933, "The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for a World Revolution" in 1928, and "The New World Order" in 1940. "....few did more to incite revolt against Christian dogma or against the accepted codes of behaviour...." -- from "The Beacon", on page 310 of the May-June issue ff 1977, "H.G. Wells, a forerunner", where the writer speaks of the legacy of H.G. Wells, as quoted from secondary source "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" by Constance Cumbey, pg. 124
Much evidence suggests that Freemasonry's arch-enemy is the Catholic Church, thus making the RCC a prime target for infiltration, subversion, and sabotage. Certainly H.G. Wells towed the party line of Masonry in his book, "Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church", where Wells went so far as to suggest that the real reason we fought WWII was to free Europe from the clutches of Catholicism. Is this perhaps why, at Yalta, Freemason FDR turned over Eastern Europe to the Communists? Much historrical debate has revolved around the question as to why FDR did so, and here Freemason H.G. Wells, who was also a powerful figure, might be giving us some insight into FDR's real reasons for what some considered a betrayal of Eastern Europe Communism: "As this present world war goes on, and even if there is some sort of temporary half peace before it degenerates into a tangle of minor wars, it will become plainer and plainer that it is no longer a geogrpaically determined warfare of governments, nations and peoples, but the world-wide struggle of our species to release itself from the strangling octopus of Catholic Christianity. Everywhere the Church extends its tentacles and fights to prolong the Martyrdom of Man." -- H.G. Wells, "Crux Ansata", page 131 [There you have it expressed in a nutshell: either man crucified Jesus Christ, as traditional Catholics hold, else, according to Wells and company, Catholic Christianity crucified man. In light of the incredible anti-Christian mass butchery of the 20th century, where millions of Jews, Christians, and others were systematically murdered, the claims of Wells seem somewhat exagerated to say the least.]
Freemason, Socialist, Spy, Guy Burgess Guy Burgess was part of the infamous Cambridge spy ring, and was a Freemason and pioneer of homosexual Freemasonry, wrote Jim Keith in his book "Mass Mind Control". In the 1930s some of the young men at Cambridge University were recruited as Soviet spies, among them Burgess. They became known by the KGB as the 'magnificent five' but were known in the U.K. as the Cambridge spy ring traitors. The KBG, knowing that the British intelligence agencies were permeated with Freemasons targeted Freemasonry as a prime target for infiltration. Guy Burgess (1910-63) worked for the BBC from 1936-1939 and 1941-44. While working for the BBC in the 1940s he was also employed by MI5. Later moving to the Foreign Office he became a secretary under Kim Philby in Washington in 1950. Burgess was recalled from the US in 1950 for 'serious misconduct' and subsequently he and fellow spy Donald Maclean disappeared. They emerged in the Soviet Union a few years later. Burgess eventually died in Moscow.
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