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  From the pyramid at the  Louvre,  commissioned  by  Francois
  "the  Sphinx" Mitterand to be made out of 666 panes of glass
  to the layout of the mall at Washington, DC, the  Illuminati
  have  made their presence clear through the occult symbolism
  of their architecture.

  Below  are  just  some  examples  of  occult  symbolism   in
  architecture around the globe: 

  This  pyramid  at  the Louvre, commissioned by Francois "the
  Sphinx" Mitterand is made out of 666  panes  of  glass.  

  Owl Symbolism

  The  mall  in  Washington  DC is laid out so the gardens and
  streets form the image of an owl.

  Obelisks, U.S.A., France, Italy:

  Obelisks are phallic symbols related  to  the  Egyptian  Sun
  god,  Osiris. From left to right: the Washington Monument is
  a giant obelisk, at  the  Place  de  Concorde  in  Paris  an
  Egyptian  obelisk stands that was built in Luxor 3,200 years
  ago; another obelisk at the Basilica in Italy;  the Catholic  
  Church condemned Freemasonry in 7 Papal Bulls, but the infi-
  ltration of Catholicism by Freemasonry has left its mark ev-


  The pentagon is an infinite  occult  symbol  --  it  is  the
  center  of  the  pentagram  and  a  pentagram fits perfectly
  inside a pentagon.

  All-Seeing Eyes

  The "All-Seeing" Eye is an ancient occult symbol frequently
  used by Freemasons and other occult brotherhoods, e.g., the
  infamous O.T.O., or Order Templar Orientis.  The picture of
  Israel's Supreme Court shows the all-seeing eye.  (The mint
  in Dallas is also said to have an  all seeing eye, though I
  have yet to confirm it.)   

  "During the Fifteenth Century the  Catholic Church had come
  under the influence of a group of Jewish Cardinals who app-
  ointed a series of  Popes called the  "Medici Popes"  (also 
  known as the "Humanist Popes"). These Medici-Humanist Popes  
  were all disciples of both Babylonian Talmud, and the black 
  magic teachings of Jewish Kabbalism." (Martin, page 343, as
  quoted from  "Lucifer's Children:  The Kingdomless Kings of 
  the New World Order." He says: "It was the selling of these
  indulgences,  and the appalling  spiritual condition of the
  Catholic  Church under these occultic Popes,  that inspired 
  Luther's break with the Catholic Church." (Martin, p 343) 

  In "The Keys of This Blood", Malachi Martin claims that the
  Italian humanistic  cabalists  "were devotees of the  Great 
  Force--the Great Architect of the Cosmos--which they repre-
  sented under the form of the Sacred  Tetragrammaton.  YHWH, 
  the Jewish symbol for the name of the divinity that was not 
  to  be  pronounced  by  mortal  lips.   They borrowed other 
  symbols--the  Pyramid and the  All-Seeing Eye--mainly  from 
  Egyptian sources." (Malachi Martin, page 520,  "The Keys of 
  This Blood:  Pope  John Paul II  Versus Russia and the West
  For Control of the New World Order.")  

  Snakes and Serpents

  Freemasonry, typically called "the Craft" by members,  also
  enjoys the dubious  merit of being called  "the Brotherhood 
  of the Snake." Note how Freemasons use the coiling snake as
  a symbol in their architecture:

  To most of us,  the snake is considered an odious  reptile,
  but to occultists, the snake is a symbol of beauty, wisdom,
  and sexual prowess.


  Italian (Illuminati) Prime  Minister Berslusconi  Residence
  with crowned reptile eating a human:

  "  And  I  will  put  enmity  between you and the woman, and
  between your offspring and hers; he will  crush  your  head,
  and you will strike his heel." Gen 3:15 15(NIV)


  "The field is the world; the good seed are the  children  of
  the  kingdom;  but  the tares are the children of the wicked
  one;The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the  harvest  is
  the  end  of  the  world; and the reapers are the angels. As
  therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;  so
  shall it be in the end of this world." Matt 13:38-40 (KJV)

  [Roughly half of the photos above were derived from the Alex
  Jones website, at; the Bersluconi residence
  photo is from the David Icke website; the Cutting Edge site,,  posted the photo of the Israel Supreme
  Court; the House of the Temple photo is from David Carrico's
  excellent video documentary "SRA and Secret Societies".]